Bruce Babington, Index of My Recent Work on John M. Stahl online

Bruce Babington, Index of My Recent Work on John M. Stahl online

(1) Looking for Young John Stahl.

This piece, which owes a huge debt to the research of a brilliant amateur genealogist, Giannis Daropoulos, contains much new information about Stahl, his parents, his brother, the family’s emigration to New York (1893) and their early life there, with definitive information about Stahl’s three marriages, his daughter and grand daughter, and much else. Illustrated with rare and personal photos.

(2) Getting to Know Stahl’s Granddaughter, Joan Lester.

An interview conducted by letter with Joan Lester, Stahl’s granddaughter, in which she recounts meeting Stahl in Hollywood in 1949 at the age of twelve, and talks about her mother, Sarah, his daughter from his first marriage, and her grandmother, Minnie, as well as Frances Irene Reels and Roxana McGovern, his later wives.) Illustrated with personal photos given by Joan Lester.


(3) Latest Writing on John M. Stahl, 2018–

A continuing bibliography of new writing on Stahl, dating from 2018, the year of the Pordenone and Bologna retrospectives.


(4) Stewards Enquiry: What Happened to In Old Kentucky in the Last Furlong?

This essay attempts to solve the mystery of the defective editing in a crucial sequence of Stahl’s last MGM silent film, In Old Kentucky (1927) and his surprising move to production at Tiffany-Stahl.



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