Bruce Babington is Emeritus Professor of Film at Newcastle University, England, with many publications in Hollywood, British and New Zealand Cinema.




The idea behind this website was for somewhere to post work that needed to be shared more quickly than the two years journal publication takes nowadays.

Charles Barr and I edited a book on John M Stahl, published to coincide with the excitement of nine of his silent films being shown at the 2018 Giornate del Cinema Muto in Pordenone.

The only area of the book that disappointed us was that we were unable to clarify many of the obscurities surrounding Stahl's early life. However a few months later, a Greek genealogist, Giannis Daropolous, contacted us, offering to share his many biographical findings. Wanting to share the news while it was still "hot", I had web pages set up to do this and act as a home for other contributions to the increasing interest in John M. Stahl.


John M.Stahl was the genesis of the site but it seemed a waste not to take in other areas - Silent Cinema, New Zealand films, and other cinemas and genres, offering space to those seeking immediate critical interchange before, or instead of, more formal publication. I also thought it could be a site for reviews and reconsiderations, as well as reprinting important work that is now unavailable or very difficult to find. You can access this work using the menu at the top of the page.


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